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Return Goods

  1. All goods return must be in their original packaging, not damaged in any way, with warranty seal intact and in a working and resalable condition. For laptop screens returned by customer intended for credit, they must be in their original condition. i.e. with all plastic protectors in place; free of rusts, tape residue, scratches and finger marks on all surfaces; mounting brackets/plates and external circuit boards must be in their original position and not bent in any way.
  2. No goods returned after 30 days from the date of departure from OEM IT premise will be accepted.
  3. OEM IT is entitled to charge a handling fee of up to 15% (fifteen) on the invoice of the goods returned or of cancelled order.
  4. No shipping fee and the delivery cost will be credited or refunded.
  5. All shipping fee and delivery cost spend on the returning of goods shall be the responsibility of the customer.
  6. OEM IT  reserve the right to reject any goods return without providing reason of refusal.

Please note:

  • Incorrectly supplied product by Oem it must be returned to OEM IT within period 7 days of Invoice date.
  • Where goods have been incorrectly supplied. An example of this is where a user orders product online and receives goods that are substantially different from what was ordered online. will then have the Faulty goods picked up and the replaced goods delivered at no charge to the consumer.
  • Items(s) must be returned with all of the tags and intact. Your items(s) should be in their original packaging
  • Ordered wrong product online
  • A store credit to the value of the product will be granted
  • A replacement of the goods with the same or substantially similar items
  • Its the client’s responsibility to ensure that incorrectly ordered product is shipped back to OEM IT STRICTLY within 48 hours of receiving the product.


  1. All warranty periods are calculated from the date of our invoice.
  2. Items received from customers exhibiting any of the following conditions are NOT eligible for the warranty:
  3. Serial number labels removed, damaged or defaced.
  4. Warranty seal broken or tampered with.
  5. Any damage to the item:
  6. caused by negligence or not following instructions in the user manual
  7. Broken or dented casing or any other signs of physical abuse or misuse

iii.         User induced damages to the internal components of an item as the result of tampering or modification iv. Acts of God such as lightning damage, flood, storms, etc.

  1. Liquid damage
  2. Insect infestation
  3. In the case of laptop battery failing to charge or dead completely as a result of over-discharging.
  4. Please refer to the table below which outlines warranty periods on the different product categories:
Laptop AC adaptor 12 months
Laptop battery 12 months
Laptop DC jack    & Printer Cartridges No warranty
Laptop internal optical drive 3 months
Laptop LCD panel No warranty (* please refer to point 5 below)
Laptop keyboard 3 months (* please refer to point 6 below)
Power cord for AC adapter 12 months
Converter cable for LCD panel No warranty


  1. All faulty goods returned under warranty will be, either exchanged for a replacement unit or repaired to a working and sale-able condition. Under no circumstances such returned item will be credited.
  2. All screens sold by OEM IT do not carry any form of warranty. However, OEM IT, entirely at its discretion, may offer certain assistance, or provide credit for the screen under the following circumstances:
  3. For screen not displaying properly when fitted into host laptop, the customer may request OEM IT to copy firmware from the original faulty screen onto the purchased screen provided that the customer can return the original faulty screen with the on-screen circuit board and internal firmware intact.
  4. Following from ‘paragraph a’, if the subsequently modified firmware still does not make the screen work in a satisfactory manner on host laptop, or in some case in which the firmware cannot be copied for whatever reason, the customer may return the screen for full credit provided the returned screen satisfy the condition as set out under the  ‘Return Goods” section (see page 2).
  5. Unless specified otherwise, all screens sold by OEM IT are A+ grade, which means all screens are free of dead pixels or colour pixel. If any screen is found to have a dead pixel or colour pixel immediately upon receiving of the screen, customer can return the screen for full credit provided the returned screen satisfy the condition as set out under the ‘Return Goods” section (see page 2).
  6. For any grades other than A+ grade screens sold by OEM IT, the possible number of dead pixels and colour pixel are set out in screen grade schedule. Therefore, if the number of dead pixels and colour pixels found on any specific lot of screens fall within the range as specified in the screen grade schedule, the screens are considered to be in good order. If the number of dead pixels or colour pixel of screens in a given lot is found not in compliance with the screen grade schedule, the customer must inform OEM IT immediately within 24 hours of receiving the order, and as remedy OEM IT. is only liable to swap the individual faulty screen with a new working unit of matching grade.
  7. For screens that are not compatible with the host laptop for hardware differences or any other unknown reason, customer can return the screen for full credit provided the returned screen satisfy the condition as set out under the ‘Return Goods” section (see page 2).

OEM IT will endeavour to keep an accurate and up-to-date screen compatibility list to ensure compatible screens are sold to a customer. But due to the fact that all existing compatibility information are not complete and a certain batch of screens are not compatible with certain laptops when they are manufactured. , the customer hereby exclude OEM IT  from any liability incurred from loss of profit, time delay or inconvenience suffered by OEM IT and it’s clients as a result of receiving an incompatible screen.

  1. All keyboards returned back to OEM IT for warranty will no longer be tested due to lack of testing equipment, the returned keyboard will be swapped out with a replacement unit. If the replacement unit is returned again as the customer found it to be not working properly, whether due to the fact that the replaced unit is actually faulty and/or the host laptop has other faulty components, the customer is qualified for credit of 100% of the invoiced value of the said keyboard, provided all returned keyboards are in their original condition.

Import Service

OEM IT offers an import service of parts. OEM IT will negotiate the best possible price and quality parts and the lowest courier and customs rates.  We will source the part on the information supplied by the customer and do not take responsibility for incorrect orders. The parts are imported at the own risk of the client and OEM IT will not be responsible for any losses due to quality damage or loss.

  1. Customer is responsible for returning the item in the condition it is received, and bare cost of shipping to OEM IT premise for warranty claim.

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