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Folksafe 4-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch 60w PSU Adapter

R1251,09 incl. VAT

FS-S1004EP-2E is specialized unmanaged PoE switch designed for video surveillance and network project system. Provides 4 x 100Mbps Ethernet ports and 2 x 100Mbps uplink ports, supports VLAN function, can effectively prevent the whole system from a broadcast storm so that make the data transfer safer.

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Folksafe 8-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch 120w PSU Adapter

R2591,99 incl. VAT
This switch is a specialised unmanaged PoE switch for video surveillance and network project systems. It provides 8x 100mbps ethernet
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TOTOLINK S505G 1GBE 5 x LAN Switch

R378,24 incl. VAT
  • 5 10/100/1000Mbps auto negotiation ports
  • Supports flow control for any port
  • Supports store and forward switching scheme capability
  • Supports NWay Auto negotiation for any port
  • Supports auto MDI/MDIX for each port
  • Supports per port bandwidth control
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TOTOLINK S808G 1GBE 8 x LAN Switch

R492,09 incl. VAT
  • Eight 10/100/1000Mbps auto negotiation ports
  • Store and forward switching
  • Supports NWay auto negotiation for all ports
  • Supports auto MDI/MDIX for each port
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TOTOLINK SG16 1GBE 16 x LAN Unmanaged Switch

R1643,24 incl. VAT
  • IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab/3x Standards
  • 16 x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ports
  • Supports Flow Control for Each Port
  • Supports Auto MDI/MDIX for Each Port
  • Supports Per Port Bandwidth Control
  • Supports PHY Register Read/Write Access
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