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Fifine K053 USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone with Sound Card

R441,49 incl. VAT

Record voice-overs and podcasts easier with the Fifine K053 Clip-On USB Condenser Microphone. It features a compact size, USB connection and durable 2m cable.

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Fifine K668 Uni-Directional USB Condensor Microphone with Tripod – Black

R757,74 incl. VAT

The Fifine K668 USB Microphone is a great option when capturing audio or streaming on a budget. It features an all metal body and comes equipped with a tripod stand and microphone foam cover.

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Fifine K669B Cardioid USB Condenser Microphone with Tripod – Black

R922,19 incl. VAT

With the Fifine K669B USB Microphone you can capture or stream audio on PC, game on PS4 or even use it for musical instruments. It supports various devices and apps, from streaming or recording to musical instruments and gaming.

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Fifine K670B Cardioid USB Condensor Microphone with Stand – Black

R1402,89 incl. VAT

If you need to capture or stream audio from a USB compatible device, then the Fifine K670B USB Microphone has everything you need. The microphone comes with a height adjustable & anti-slide stand for safety.

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Fifine K690 Cardioid USB Multi-Polar Pattern Condenser Microphone with Stand|Adjustable Volume|Adjustable Pattern|Monitor Output – Black

R2655,24 incl. VAT

Enjoy high-end quality sound and clarity with the Fifine K690 USB Microphone. It features a three-capsule array, gain control with a mute button, four pickup patterns and a plug and play USB connection.

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R1478,79 incl. VAT

The Fifine K683A Type-C USB Microphone is a great microphone for podcasts, streaming and voice-over work. It features a 16mm capsule, solid metal body, U-shaped pop filter, low latency monitoring jack and an included mini tripod.

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Fifine T732 USB Condensor Microphone with Arm Desk Mount Kit – Black

R862,50 incl. VAT

Get reliable high-quality recording performance with the Fifine T732 USB Microphone Kit. It features a 16mm cardioid capsule design, various accessories including a boom arm stand, shock mount, dual-layer pop filter and a mini tripod stand to handle any recording situation.

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Redragon Cardioid USB Gaming Mic and Tripod – Black

R2136,59 incl. VAT

The Redragon Blazar Cardioid|Unidirectional USB Condenser Mic & Tripod is perfect for streaming or content creation. It features a unidirectional condenser microphone, a rotatable folding tripod and a metal goose neck pop-filter.

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