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HDCVT HDMI 100m HDBaseT IR RS232 Extender

R7841,74 incl. VAT

The HDMI extender over single CAT5e/6/7 with 100BaseT Ethernet, Bi-directional IR, RS-232 and Bi-directional PoC can make your home or office set-up more efficient and easy to use.

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HDCVT HDMI HDBaseT 150m 1080P Extender

R3110,64 incl. VAT

The HDMI Extender can extend HDMI signal over 150 meters to an HDMI compatible display via single Cat5e/6 cable. It also supports bi-directional Infrared control signal and RS-232 transmission together with HDMI signal, it can allow you to easily control your DVD player at TV side or control your TV at the DVD player side when using this extender.

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