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Folksafe 1 CH HD-CVI|TVI|AHD Passive Balun Zinc BNC Connector

R61,99 incl. VAT
Transmit real-time HD CCTV video signal to any HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and CVBS analogue camera with the Folksafe Single Channel
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Folksafe 1 CH Passive AHD Vid|Pow balun

R175,84 incl. VAT
  • Real-time transmission over UTP CAT5e/6
  • Male BNC with extended 150mm mini-coax pigtail
  • RJ45 Jack for UTP cable
  • Built-in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) for surge protection
  • Wave Filter Design, Anti-Static Design
  • Lightning protection design Grade: III
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Folksafe 4CH Passive Power Balun Hub R

R3515,44 incl. VAT
  • NTSC, PAL & SECAM video format compatible
  • Compatible with all HD-TVI, HD-CVI & AHD analog camera
  • Power camera: 150W, Max 1A per channel
  • Transmit 36VDC power up to 305m(1000ft) working with transmitter(convert 36VDC into regulated 12VDC) for 12VDC camera
  • Female BNC connector and RJ45 Jack
  • Real-time transmission
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OEM BNC Female to Female Connector 10 Pack

R87,29 incl. VAT
  • Female to female BNC coupling for video cable
  • Provides a high quality transition between two BNC cables
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OEM CCTV BNC Male Crimp on 10 Pck

R150,54 incl. VAT
  • Include a BNC plug, outer collar and ferrule pin
  • Used for coaxial cable
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OEM CCTV BNC Male to BNC Male 5 Pck

R61,99 incl. VAT
  • BNC Connector
  • BCN Male to BCN Male
  • For coaxial cables
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